Why the Mimi hearing test is the #1 rated hearing test

Mimi was founded a few short years ago and has been winning accolades and awards ever since. And since we built it, our hearing test has been consistently rated the #1 hearing test app on iTunes.

So, what’s the reason for all the love? Well, if you asked us, we’d say it’s because the Mimi hearing test app isn’t just the most advanced testing app available, it’s a revolutionary approach to hearing health and audio-tech—and it’s at the heart of our mission to help the world hear better.

But what about our users? Here’s some of the typical things our users have to say about our hearing test:

Some love its accuracy and ease to take: 

“Found it to be easy to use and gave me peace of my mind. Being in a quiet room helps a lot but i really liked that the app gave you an indicator of how loud your environment was.” — Magda!3na

“It’s an easy to use product and gives a really accurate profile audiograms for your hearing one for each year. It also allows you to compare how good or bad you’re hearing is for people of your own age. Really cannot recommend highly enough.”   — Pathelo

“So easy to use. Gives peace of mind and basic analysis of results. Love that it stores your results for later comparison and you can export your results to take to a professional.” — Bex n Jono

Some love the reassurance and insight the detailed hearing profile brings: 

” I work in a noisy environment and often have to ask people to repeat themselves if there is a lot background noise , I am happy that after doing this test there is nothing wrong with my hearing , perhaps I wouldn’t fare so well in a ‘selective hearing’ test though”  — Donnylid

“Awesome!!! Since a diving accident, I have a loss of high frequencies on my left ear. For 1 year I have been trying to find a stereo EQ app (independent left/right channels) to mitigate this issue. This app solves the problem similar to the no longer supported app “SoundFocus”, but it includes Spotify support. Big 5 star hands up!!!” — yveshol

“Because I’m getting older and often ask people to repeat stuff, I thought I might have a hearing problem. So I did the Mimi hearing test. Finding a quiet place for 6 minutes is hard, but see it as meditation. luckily the test assured me I’m doing ok for my age. I might still have a problem: do hear but don’t listen!” Ianus Keller

And a lot of people are crazy about the magic of personalized sound, which you can use your Mimi test results to unlock: 

“Awesome!  Enhances all my listening/ music experience everywhere!  Highly recommended!” — Baby Speedbump

“Being 74 yrs old it’s really nice to get my 18 yrs old hearing back. Kudos:blush::blush: ” — mon1922

“This app allows me to listen to the same music I was listening with almost 20% less volume. Must have info. Also the test results have helped me to think about my listening levels since I discovered to be in the lower range of my age group. And on top the design and flow of the app is amazing!” — Jinkoandres

“i am 33 and i’ve been hearing impaired for the bulk of that time due to mitochondrial disease. i love music and i have never heard it the way it sounds with this app. it almost feels like i’m listening to my favorite songs for the first time. will definitely be recommending this app to everyone i know, what an amazing advance in technology. thanks, mimi.” — glitterkhaos

“WOW the clarity of mimi music player is far superior and it did wow me from the off with its clarity and ease of use. 10/10 :+1::sunglasses: I could not believe the previous reviews and thought that they were fake but decided to try it anyway.” — ccfiiimd

So, now you’re ready to try the Mimi  hearing test, right? Get it free on iTunes »