Meet the team behind the world's leading sound personalization software

Here at Mimi, our 35 person team is passionate about developing the very best personalized sound products possible, to help people everywhere hear better, regardless of hearing age or ability. Our team are some of the best in their fields and their work continues to win awards and applause.

And this week, our CEO and co-founder Philipp Skribanowitz, as well as head of global business development Bernd Kopin, will be at Slush Music in Helsinki, sharing more about the Mimi mission, and of course, showcasing our latest innovations in sound. 

Want to learn more about Mimi and meet Philip and Bernd in person? Come by our booth at Slush Music 2018!

Here’s some remarkable facts about Mimi

1. Our world-class, Berlin-based team includes hearing scientists, musicians, and audiologists from all over the world. 

2. We are the global pioneer in personalized sound and with our #1 rated iOS, medically certified Hearing Test, as well as our breakthrough personalized sound integrations for products ranging from headphones to smartphones, to streaming services and cars, we believe we are creating the sound product of the future.

3. Our first personalized headphone, Aventho wireless, built by audio legend beyerdynamic, and personalised by us, is winning rave reviews from audiophiles and mainstream listeners alike. If you are in the Helsinki area this week, and stop by the Slush conference, you can try out Aventho with your own ears. 

4. Mimi has won way more awards than we could have imagined. This year alone we've been nominated for a CES 2018 award, recognized as the audio innovation of IFA 2017, bagged a StartUps & Developer #award at SF MusicTech Summit, as well as a Sonar+D award for innovation. 

5. The story behind Mimi has been featured in Wired, Tech Crunch, BBC and more.

6. Mimi is science-based, medically certified, and German engineered and having tested 1 million ears we know more about your hearing health than any other company.