Press Coverage about Mimi at CES

This year Mimi was participating in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Hundreds of journalists and bloggers specializing in new technologies, such as in audio, hearing or headphones, were there. Many of them wrote about Mimi, and what technology its partnership with Beyerdynamic or Bragi engendered.


AventhO, Amiron & Xelento wireless headphones

In fact, beyerdynamic's Aventho and Amiron wireless headphones as well as Xelento in-ear which are all equipped with Mimi sound personalization technology - were presented at CES.

Aventho has been well received from consumers and specialists alike. According to CNET, it is “among the best Bluetooth headphones yet”. Slash Gear writes it is “the most personalized headphones you’ll be able to get your hands on”. The headphone also ranks #1 on the Computer Bild list as well as number 1 recommendation out of 28 for Handelsbatt.  Tom’s Guide considered the Aventho the best headphones at CES. The headphones were praised as far away as Japan (Diamond online, Music iiotode, AV Watch) and Singapore (Straits Times).

A journalist wrote on CNET that he "was duly impressed" by Amiron wireless. Endgaget and ModernHifi gave their opinion about Xelento (in german). 

Project Ears

For Bragi, CES provided the opportunity to announce their new partnership with Mimi and the creation of a personalized audio enhancement device for people with hearing-related issues. Bragi's Project Ears is fusing wireless audio with hearing aid technology. Several articles about this new, exciting technology were written in such publications as endgaget, Wareable, German Pulse, and Hearing Tracker. What Hi*Fi writes, it “sounds a lot more futuristic than controlling your music by tapping your cheek”. The journalist Hugh Langley tried an early prototype of Project Ears and said that once the setup was done, he was “hearing the world with new clarity”. These earbuds are also part of Digital Trends’ list of the coolest audio gadgets of CES 2018.