Mimi's bright start at CES 2018

New alliances and an Innovation Award

With a suitcase full of innovations, and together with our partners beyerdynamic and Bragi, Mimi is live at this year’s CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas. After Mimi and beyerdynamic had already received this year’s CES Innovation Award for their first ever jointly developed headphones, Aventho wireless, Hearable pioneer Bragi has now become the second audio manufacturer to rely on Mimi’s patented sound personalization technology.

Mimi and its partners can be found in Las Vegas here: beyerdynamic in LVCC, South Hall 1 – 21360 or at Bragi in the Venetian Tower in suites 30-228, 30-230 and 30-232.

Bragi and Mimi: Project Ears

Mimi and Munich-based Hearable manufacturer Bragi are at CES to publicize their partnership, Project Ears, which started in 2017. Their first joint project is the development of a product that incorporates Mimi technology. This project focuses on Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP), combined with the option to personalize sound in a variety of locations such as at home, in the office, or in outdoor sports environments.
One of Project Ear’s first successes was the integration of a hearing test within a Hearable, which enables users to create their own personal hearing profile. Thanks to Mimi’s patented technology, users can easily use the Hearable, adjusted to match their individual hearing profile.

  Mimi Hearing Technologies founders: Philipp Skribanowitz, Dr. Nick Clark, Dr. Henrik  Matthies,  Pascal Werner (f.l.t.r.), photo: Jasper Kettner

Mimi Hearing Technologies founders: Philipp Skribanowitz, Dr. Nick Clark, Dr. Henrik Matthies, Pascal Werner (f.l.t.r.), photo: Jasper Kettner

CES Innovation Award and new joint products with beyerdynamic

An independent jury awarded the CES 2018 Innovation Award for the world’s first high-end headphones with integrated sound personalization to the German premium audio manufacturer beyerdynamic for its Aventho wireless.The outstanding feature: thanks to the patented Mimi technology, the headphones adjust audio to match the user’s personal hearing ability. A short hearing test measures and then saves the user’s profile to the headphones, which can then play music optimized to their hearing, making the audio sound clearer and fuller.

The sound personalization technology was developed with the support of Charité in Berlin, one of Europe’s largest university hospitals.

"After developing our technology stack for four years, we are proud to showcase how the sound of your life can be tailored to your individual hearing at CES 2018. The award-winning Aventho wireless headphone proved how Mimi’s Sound Personalization Technology significantly improves even a high-end hardware product. In the upcoming months we will integrate this technology into smartphones, car entertainment systems, TVs, streaming services and many other products of our everyday life – thus improving the hearing experience for people across the globe. We are proud that international experts like Andreas Spechtler have joined our team and look forward to announcing further exciting additions in the weeks to come," comments Dr. Henrik Matthies, co-founder and Managing Director Mimi Hearing Technologies.