Why Aventho make the perfect christmas gift

We all have that person in our lives who's so ahead of the game when it comes to technology, we secretly think they may be part robot. You know the type: the first person you ever saw with a smartphone, who first spoke to Alexa in front of you – and later calmed you down after you shouted 'run, the machines have taken over!' With such a surge in technological innovation, however, even the most tech savvy of us struggle to keep up to date with latest and greatest advances. Here are 7 good reasons the tech or music obsessed loved one in your life would love to receive a pair of the Mimi-personalized, beyerdynamic-built, Aventho Wireless Headphones this festive season. 

1. They may not know they need them.
Over 50% of people over the age of sixty report hearing loss in the US alone, and yet those seeking treatment dwindle in significance to those suffering. Stigma plays a part, as well as simply not realizing you have a problem. “Stop mumbling, will you?” is a phrase that so often comes to mind. With Aventho Headphones, your loved one who may not realize they have been blaring their TVs this past year can adjust the tone and pitch to suit their needs – without simply cranking up the noise to damage their ears further.

2. True technological innovation.
Aventho wireless are developed by beyerdynamic and Mimi-Hearing Technologies. Together we pride ourselves on both an always-innovating approach to audio, and our shockingly studious attention to all things sound. When you give the gift of Aventho you give not simply a pair of headphones, but the audio innovation, a whole industry is talking about

3. The proof is in the pudding. 
The industry has taken note of Mimi's talents: a Sonar+D Startup Award, 2017, Midem Lab Award and a CES 2018 innovation nomination to name a few we're most proud of.

4. Designed for the eyes as well as the ears.
Aventho combine cutting edge sound software with light-weight design, skilled Beyerdynamic German engineering and forward thinking technology from Tesla. A touchpad operation allows you to adjust your sound, on-ear style, a swiveling handset, and closed acoustic design to ensure you're not only listening to the best possible sound, but not only that, Aventho, styled in brown or black, with their elegant faux-leather trims, and classic details, look the part, too. 

5. The thoughtful factor.
These headphones are not simply stylish, or the latest trend on offer, Aventho, with its medically certified hearing test, and award winning Mimi sound processing built-in, will deeply impact a person who either is suffering from hearing loss, or who simply is tantalized by the idea of pure, detail-rich sound. For those of us who truly want the best sound in life, this is a gift that matters more.

6. The individual factor.
If you are considering a gift for a special someone, then that gift should be as unique and special as they are. The software within this device allows for an personal test of the owner's hearing and will suggest a sound that is best suited to their subjective needs. This is a far cry from from the one-fit-all socks your dad got last year!

7. A perfect sound.
Last but certainly not least, Mimi and beyerdynamic have come together to offer crisp, individually tailored sound for that lucky person in your life they are perfect for. The only sound that could be possibly be better is the “thank you” that comes from their lips on Christmas Day, Well, perhaps “what a coincidence, I got you a pair too!” may just top it.