Mimi's breakthrough sound personalisation technology adjusts
car audio systems to the users hearing ability

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Mimi software is now available to fully integrate and license for car audio manufacturers looking to optimize the audio experience in a truly outstanding way. Integrating Mimi for car audio and voice interface systems dramatically enhances the in-cabin soundscape. Not only will the seat, the heater, and the mirror be adjusted to the driver – but so too, the audio. The car will truly transform into the “second living” room.


A truly responsive listening experience

Mimi provides scalable integrations for car audio systems that allow optimal, contextualized sound experience for your customers. By adjusting and correcting for individual hearing ability Mimi ensures today's high-quality in-cabin audio can be perceived in full. Customers say using Mimi in the car enables them to hear better and at a lower volume. Mimi’s software works without the need to adjust any physical hardware of the sound system. Mimi doesn't change the intended sound concept, it unleashes complete audibility for everyone.  :

  • Breakthrough sound experience for audio and voice calls
  • A truly experienceable feature
  • No change to the hardware necessary
  • 360 personalization of the car 
  • Can be deployed on all platforms  
  • Supports future car entertainment as well as the rolling office
  • Combine with premium and standard audio sound systems
  • Integrate quickly for faster time to value


Safer, smarter Hearing

Our ears are designed to cope safely with 85dB for 8 hours without the risk of hearing damage. Every 3dB increase in noise above that halves the amount of time it takes for damage to occur. So, if you drive a car with a typical 70dB level, and if you listen to music or include calls, the total volume might be 90dB. At 90dB you’ve got around 30 minutes before your ears will start experiencing some form of damage.

Mimi helps to quieten the in-car sound experience and gives the driver a layer of hearing protection against all in-cabin noise – including the engine, components, air conditioning, and default audio on the stereo system.


Smart control

Mimi provides the connectivity and intuitive interface modern drivers love. You can hook up to the Mimi hearing profile control center and access other streaming apps or track your data, all without leaving the driver’s seat.

    Mimi inside consumer electronics


    In-focus: beyerdynamic

    beyerdynamic used the Mimi chip to personalize their flagship Aventho wireless headphone—transforming the headphone category. Aventho is winning rave reviews from audiophiles and mainstream listeners alike.


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