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Mimi and beyerdynamic: a collaboration
on the cutting-edge of sound

beyerdynamic is an audio company that stands for the very highest sound quality and a long-time tradition of excellence. Mimi is a breakthrough sound processing company based in Berlin. In 2016 these two audio innovators, one an icon of audio technique and one a pioneer in sound personalization, came together to create a brand new headphone: Aventho wireless. Personalized by Mimi and built by beyerdynamic, this visionary collaboration takes listening to whole new level of experience.


Edgar van Velzen, beyerdynamic CEO says “at beyerdynamic we are always pushing audio’s boundaries, always innovating. It was a logical next step to collaborate with Mimi. With Aventho, we didn’t just invent a new headphone, we took a giant first step on a journey we believe will reshape audio. According to Mimi Managing Director, Henrik Matthies “With beyerdynamic we are disrupting the audio category… this is a story of best-in-class hardware meets cutting-edge software, and changes the game.”