Give your audio product
the ultimate differentiator.


Mimi inside your audio based product turns customers into evangelists
and one-off users into life-time listeners.


Deliver breakthrough, custom sound to each individual listener

Consumers want sound everywhere, tailored to their taste, mood and environment, in high quality. Offering personalized sound in your consumer electronic product enables your customers to hear every detail in its full detail, dramatically changing the way audio is perceived, regardless of hearing age or ability. 

We believe sound personalization is the audio product of the future, and audio brands who adapt early, will gain an amazing new way to differentiate and, because everyone hears uniquely and imperfectly, reach huge underserved markets.

How The Mimi Integration works

We designed the integration process to be fast and seamless to shorten your time to value

1. Integrate Mimi's breakthrough sound processing technology into your consumer audio product or app. 
2. Users take the quick and medically certified Mimi Hearing test unlocking their unique hearing profile
3. Mimi adjusts all the users audio to their personal hearing ability and unique hearing profile

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Reach new markets and grow your business

Everyone hears differently and up to 360 million people worldwide experience hearing impairment. The market need for sound personalization is huge. Integrating Mimi into your product means you gain new user segments whilst retaining more existing users who love the additional value personalization brings. And it's all for a fraction of the costs compared to hardware components or other software licenses. 

  • Re-engage existing customers while reaching new markets
  • Unlock a powerful branding opportunity and offer the ultimate USP
  • Turn one time listeners into life time users

lead innovation in your industry

In consumer electronics, innovation isn’t nice to have. It’s a necessity. Sound personalization is the future of the audio industry, and now is the time to adopt. The cost of early admission will be improved engagement, amplified brand difference and competitive advantage.

Having tested 1 million ears, invested years of R&D and pioneered a global standard in personalized sound,
Mimi provides the cutting-edge technology and the global expertise to get you there.

Mimi inside consumer electronic products


In-focus: beyerdynamic



beyerdynamic uses Mimi technology to personalize the flagship Aventho wireless headphone—reinventing the game in the headphone category. Aventho is loved by critics, audiophiles and mainstream listeners alike.

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