give users a STUNNING PERSONALIZED sound EXPERIENCE INSIDE YOUR HEADPHONEs or audio-based hardware products

Mimi's breakthrough sound processing software adjusts to individual hearing ability, sounds amazingly clear and, integrated with your headphone or audio-based hardwares, gives your brand a powerful USP and your customers the ultimate sound experience.

Mimi technology is designed for seamless integration into all audio-based hardware and devices. 


Enjoy crisper sound on the go with personalized headphones

Mimi inside headphones are our most tangible expression of personalized sound yet. Mimified headphones compensate for each individual’s hearing ‘blind spots,’ creating the most information-rich, personalized listening experience possible. Users can personalize any sound regardless of the sound source.

One sound doesn't fit all

Everyone's hearing is unique, and everyone's hearing gets worse over time. However, until now all audio is created equally. Despite sound improvement through Hi-Res, codecs & drivers, much of the optimization gets lost in our imperfect hearing. Mimi optimizes your headphones for individual hearing ability, so end users are able to enjoy its full potential:

  • Sound personalized to the users’ individual hearing
  • Higher perceived music volume and improved audibility
  • Enhanced clarity and heightened psychoacoustical nuance
  • Lost frequencies can be heard again, giving users healthy and sustainable sound



Sophisticated software. Stunning sound.

Mimi is a breakthrough sound processing software that adjusts to individual hearing ability, sounds amazingly clear and, integrated with your product or service, gives your brand a powerful USP and your customers the ultimate sound experience.

Unlike conventional sound processing tools, Mimi’s processing analyses audio in real time. And it does it in a way that allows the sound to be decoded and made sense of far more easily, and enjoyably, by every listener. It is as if the contrast between different parts of the mix is instantly increased. This is Mimi processing at work.

Differentiate and stand out from the crowd

Sound personalization closes the distance between your optimised audio product and users' hearing ability, giving your customers a truly personal, breakthrough listening experience, and giving your brand, in return, an amazing new way to differentiate.

As an audio service provider it can be difficult to stand out in an industry where everything from drivers, to EQ to codecs, has basically all been done before. Sound personalization is a true differentiator, inspiring meaningful, game-changing experience to both existing and prospective customers.

Be the frontrunner in your industry, sector and segment

Personalisation is reshaping the audio industry, guiding investments and transforming the listening experience. With Mimi Technology, you get to be an innovation leader and benefit from the security and reliability of our award-winning expertise.

Now is the time to plan product innovations that take advantage of our cutting edge personalization technology. The cost of admission will be improved customer experience and marketability. Mimi provides the technologies to get you there.

Easy, seamless integration

We made sure integration is easy, fast and seamless. Once your service or product is integrated with Mimi, end users only have to take a five-minute hearing test. Mimi technology does the rest. Seamlessly.

Our R&D team will keep adding awesome features and you will experience no hassle updates. Our SDK takes less than XX to integrate and comes with always on custom support.



In-focus: beyerdynamic

beyerdynamic used the Mimi chip to personalize the flagship Aventho wireless headphone—reinventing the game in the headphone category. Aventho is loved by critics, audiophiles and mainstream listeners alike.

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