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“Stunning... Not only can it tailor your listening settings to maximize quality, but it can also keep you from cooking your ears (Noise-induced hearing loss). That’s one hell of a sound “
— The Sound Guys
You hear less loud, but with more details - for us the innovation at IFA.”
— Fidelity Magazine
“Music sounds as if you were a teenager again”
— Wired
“The next headphone revolution”
— MacTech News

Mimi in the News


United States

Prevention [US]: This 2-Minute test will tell you if your hearing’s getting worse

Psychology Today [US]: Why you should consider making love to your ears

WNYC [US]: Listen Up! What to make of your hearing age

TechCrunch [US]: Mimi launches an iPhone App to combat hearing loss.

Lifehacker [US]: Test your hearing with these mobile apps

Engadget [US]: Your smartphone may soon double as a hearing aid, thanks to Mimi

Everyday Hearing [US]: Got Hearing Loss? There’s an app for that

Fox10 tv [US]: New App helping people with hearing loss

United Kingdom

BBC [UK]: Are you damaging your hearing without realising it?

MSN [UK]: Best new apps for tablet and smartphone

Dailymail [UK]: Louis Walsh admits that a lifetime spent listening to loud boybands (and their screeching fans) has taken its toll on his hearing


Heise Online [DE]: MWC 2016: Berliner Startup Mimi Hearing gewinnt Mobile Premier Awards

Zeit Online [DE]: Ich hör wohl nicht richtig!

SiliconAllee [DE]: ‘Google Glass For Ears’ Mimi Launches Its First App In New York

Gruenderszene [DE]: Dieser coole Typ arbeitet an einer App für das perfekte Hörerlebnis

Gruenderszene [DE]: Christophe Maire investiert in iOS-App für Hörgeschädigte

Die Welt [DE]: Mimi ist der digitale Hörverbesserer für das Smartphone

Bild.de [DE]: Smartphone-App mit Hörtest


iCulture [NL]: Applijst: 3 iPhone-apps om gehoorschade te meten

Iphoneclub [NL]: Mimi voor iPhone wil de hoortest en het gehoorapparaatje vervangen

numrush [NL]: Je smartphone helpt je binnenkort om beter te kunnen horen


iPhon.fr [FR]: Calculez l’âge de vos oreilles grace à Mimi sur iPhone


Hispasonic[ES]: Mimi, una app para prevenir la pérdida de oído hearing


Geektime [IL]: Want to know what its like to have hearing loss,you can cover your ears or use this app


Zuimeia Baidu [CN]: 来一次科学准确的听力测试

36kr [CN]: 你的听力可能已经45岁水平了!初创公司“Mimi”使用iPhone以及耳机打造专业听力检测设备


The Bridge [JP]: 難聴のケアを身近なものにしたい:ベルリンのスタートアップが聴覚補助アプリ「mimi」をリリース

L.S.B. Information [JP]: Mimiヒアリングテストを活用するには

techable [JP]: 耳が遠いかも?自分で聴力チェックができるiOSアプリ「Mimi」登場


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