Mimi Secures Investment by Heartbeat Labs


Heartbeat Labs, the Berlin-based startup platform for digital health, participated in Mimi Hearing Technologies Series A round.

Mimi Hearing, the world’s standard in personalized sound and advanced hearing technologies, has secured an investment from digital health startup platform Heartbeat labs, next to existing investors Atlantic Labs and Die Brückenköpfe.

The investment helps guarantee a strong, independent future for Mimi, funding deeper development and monetization of its core digital hearing technologies used by over a million people worldwide.

Eckhardt Weber, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Heartbeat Labs, said of the investment: “With Mimi we are investing in a deep, difficult-to-copy technology that was developed together with the Charité Berlin. It is also exciting that Mimi can go so many different ways for monetisation: as a license to hardware companies, as a plug-in for streaming services or in cooperation with health insurances. “

The Series A funding builds on an exceptional period of growth for Mimi which has seen a rapidly expanding agenda of partnerships, key appointments, and market momentum around a white-hot area of audio tech, hearing health and lifestyle products, over the last twelve months.

About Mimi Hearing Technology

Mimi’s vision is a world in which everyone can experience sound in its entirety, in its purest form, despite the imperfections of human hearing.

"It is our mission to bring perfect sound to everyone regardless of device or platform. Our technology is rooted in a deep understanding of how the human ear functions. Our algorithm allows the brain to distinguish frequencies better so we can perceive more clarity, depth, and detail," says Dr. Henrik Matthies, Managing Director of Mimi. “Knowledge of hearing science is at the core of our technology. Our goal is to integrate Mimi sound personalization across all major platforms and devices to make it accessible for everyone."

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About Heartbeat Labs

Heartbeat Labs is a Berlin-based platform for digital health startups. We build, grow and invest in pioneering healthcare companies. Our agile teams combine entrepreneurs, medical specialists and technology experts. Heartbeat Labs provides seed funding of €0.5 to €5 million, access to a unique network of investors and operational expertise in marketing, HR, finance, regulatory affairs and more. Our team has the experience of building more than 20 successful internet companies that have brought the advantages of digitisation to industries such as financial services and advertising.

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