Design Your Sound

Mimi sound personalisation technologies are designed
in Berlin by our award-winning R&D team.


Aventho wireless 


Built by beyerdynamic and personalized by Mimi,  Aventho wireless, is the first ever Mimi integrated headphone. Aventho learns your hearing profile and tailors sound to your unique hearing ability.

With it's stunning sound, amazing detail and unparalleled fidelity, Aventho is the headphone the industry has been waiting for. 


Mimi music 

Even before speech, our ability to hear music is first affected by hearing damage. Mimi Music, the multi-award winning player from Mimi labs, brings back lost frequencies — restoring and enhancing our natural ability to hear all the instruments and sounds.


mimi hearing test 4.0

Consistently rated #1 on iOS since 2014, the Mimi Hearing Test is the most powerful and comprehensive smart phone based Hearing Test available.

Taking the test is interactive and fun, the results are unique to you, accurate and useable. And Mimi produces a hearing profile that can sync with your apps and devices  enabling you to hear details in your music that you have, often unknowingly, been missing.