Sophisticated software. Stunning sound. 

Science-based and medically-certified, Mimi's processing technology is the global leader for offering personalized sound inside your streaming service. Mimi technology takes your already feature-optimized streaming service and adjusts every sound to individual hearing ability, creating a dramatically enhanced, listening experience, for every listener, on every device. 

How it works - across your entire ecosystem

Inspired by the way you hear, Mimi maps your unique hearing pattern and adjusts the digital audio signal transmitted to the brain, replicating the function of the inner ear, to personalize sound on any device used to consume your streaming service.

  Users take the Mimi Hearing Test via      smartphone or web   

 Users take the Mimi Hearing Test via      smartphone or web


 Integrate the Mimi SDK into your            streaming service   

Integrate the Mimi SDK into your            streaming service


 Mimi optimizes all audio based on           users unique hearing ability 

Mimi optimizes all audio based on           users unique hearing ability 


Cutting edge listening technology.

Unlike conventional sound processing tools, Mimi processing analyses audio in real time. And it does it in a way that allows the sound to be decoded and made sense of far more easily, and dramatically, by every individual listener. It is as if the contrast between different parts of the mix is instantly increased. This is Mimi processing at work.

  • The best possible, individual sound due to more detail, frequencies, clarity and nuance
  • Trigger more sales with a powerful differentiating feature
  • Offer healthy sound to your users
  • Grow your business in new markets
  • Easy and seamless integration. No hardware changes required.

Reach huge UNSERVED markets

Everyone hears differently and up to 360 million people worldwide live with a diagnosed hearing impairment. Whether age-related, congenital, or increasingly among millennials — induced from exhaustive use of personal media players — imperfect, unbalanced hearing is a universal experience. 

By integrating Mimi into your streaming service you can reach listeners of all abilities and connect with huge underserved user segments in a powerful new way. Mimi inside your streaming service puts you on the forefront, of an audio revolution, that will transform millions of people hear sound. At the same time you current users will be more retained as your service provides additional value with Mimi’s sound processing technology.

Lead INnovation in your category

Personalisation is reshaping the audio industry, guiding investments and transforming the listening experience. With Mimi Technology, you get to be an innovation leader and benefit from the security and reliability of our award-winning expertise. And Mimi’s software brings maximum improvement for the consumer for a fraction of the costs compared to hardware components such as screens or battery.

Now is the time to plan product innovations that take advantage of our cutting edge personalization technology. The cost of admission will be improved customer experience and marketability. Mimi provides the technologies to get you there.

Better than an EQ

Unlike an EQ, which requires users to know their own audiogram or audio preferences, and assumes a linear process based on a simplified model of hearing that only accounts for frequency selective volume control, and which increase volume of specific frequencies introduces an imbalance in spectral colroation, posing risk of hearing damage. Mimi on the other hand, presents a full user customisation within the app flow.

Mimi's real-time simulation of the human ear, replicates the signal manipulation process of a healthy cochlea. This natural restoration of detail, richness and contrast protects the ear and allows users to listen at a lower volume, preventing the risk of hearing damage. 

Your users will love Mimi as much as ours

Great tech and UX result in great ratings. Our hearing test is consistently rated #1 on iOS and Mimi music, our showcase sound personalization app, is beloved by mainstream listeners and audiophiles alike. We have currently over 1 million users worldwide, and their top request is to integrate Mim in more services. Here’s some things people say about it.

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Quick easy integration

We designed a quick and seamless integration, our SDK only needs to be hooked into the audio processing chain.

  • Market tested SDK for iOS & Android
  • Mac OXS & Windows SDKs in development
  • Minimal local UX changes necessary
  • Mimi’s entire technology runs on web
  • Well-documented & supported