Mimi user reviews

Each review published on this page is submitted by a real Mimi user. In our commitment to holocracy and transparency, we never alter reviews or incentivise users to write them. Here you can find out how people with different hearing ages, hearing abilities, and audio needs rate Mimi on sound quality, sound personalisation, hearing enhancement, and user experience.

“Love the concept and the technology” - Dave Arora


“I love the live sound control. Works great as a back-up hearing aid and music sounds good to” - Daria Radford


“Sound quality and interface is brilliant” - James McMillan


“Mimi Music is very important to me, for I am 71 years old and my ears are not the same as when I was 18. With Mimi-music I hear the music as if I were 18 years old again” - Wim von den Heuvel


“Really warm thanks to the whole team. What's missing is the ability to assess your own hearing and optimize use. Great that you fill in that gap” - Bruno Termonia

“I work as a pediatrician and sometimes I prefer to check my own ears! I find your app fantastic” -Fiore Angela

“I love music and have invested in rather expensive earphones, Westone W-60. I thought they provided me an excellent aural experience until I tried Mimi Music. I spent hours comparing the results of Mimi to the original and have become a believer in this technology. I heard music that was more detailed, had much better imaging, more ‘air’, and did NOT adversely change the quality of the sound of my music. I believe that I could not achieve this with mere equalization” -Phil Kalina 


“I really appreciate Mimi, it's changing the way I listen to music” -Antonio Damati


“The app is great and I think it's an app that every music lover should have!” -Stefan Nutting


“I love this app because my music sounds incredibly great with Mimi! Nobody should miss out on this app!” -Peter Vianden

“What Mimi does, is provide a new standard of listening to music in the digital age. It rivals vinyl, and that is something truly exciting. Bright pop sounds bright and crisp, grungy rock sounds so grungy its almost like wading through tar (that’s a good thing). And in these sad times, it is the perfect way to Go Crazy in the Purple Rain with Prince. The Beatles also sounds most excellent through Mimi” -Hugo Everard

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